Bhutan, also called the ‘The Southern Land of Medicinal Herbs’, in allusion to its ancient name, Lho Jong Men Jong, has often mystified people in the West, who come seeking our mantra to physical and mental well-being. Our pristine environment, lush greenery, breathtaking landscapes, and thriving wildlife, offers a sanctuary so rare and unique, that any foreigner visiting Bhutan understand, why it is “The Last Shangri-La.” Launch of bhutan herbal tea by Lyonchhen Tshering Tobgay on 24th Feb 2017 Our way of life in Bhutan has been shaped by our profound cultural heritage, which has led us to see nature, not just as a provider, but as an extension of ourselves. And, there-in, lie the secret to a simple, yet more fulfilling life. The wide use of herbs in our traditional medicines, foods and beverages, even today, exemplify our deep-rooted connection with the natural world. Bhutan Herbal Tea is a humble attempt to continue this great legacy of ours, which manifest in everything that make us Bhutanese, including, our age old tea-drinking culture. A sip of this organic herbal concoction, with the nutrient-packed Moringa, will refresh you instantly, soothing your body and mind. Bhutan Herbal Tea is a product of an extensive research, carried out in pursuit of a perfect blend of herbs, that would suit the palate of a wide range of consumers. Further, these herbs have been carefully selected, and bought directly from the local farmers, thus ensuring the product is 100% organic and indigenous.

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National Day Celebration 2018

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